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2A Internship: Extending the DeX API for enabling interoperability between IoT devices

Internship Description

Internet of Things (IoT) applications consist of IoT devices (e.g., occupancy counters, light sensors, WiFi APs, thermometers, video cameras, etc.) that employ different APIs and protocols (e.g.., CoAP and MQTT) to push/pull raw data. Existing IoT frameworks and platforms enable the interoperability of such devices via the use of software artifacts (wrappers or mediating adapters). Such artifacts enable the conversion of protocol primitives, data formats or even information semantics.

In this project, we will leverage the DeXMS (Data eXchange Mediator Synthesizer) tool ( that facilitates the development of such wrappers through a semi-automated solution. This includes a web interface where developers will be able to define the interaction and information semantics of an IoT device. DeXMS relies on the DeX API, which implements interactions over a number of IoT middleware protocols (HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, etc.). The selected team will extend the DeX API using existing implementations of IoT protocols in order to introduce interesting IoT scenarios.

Internship Objectives

The selected candidate will have to work on the following:


Last year of engineering school.

Skills & qualities

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Georgios Bouloukakis, georgios.bouloukakis AT