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New paper “A Transactional Approach to Enforce Resource Availabilities – Application to the Cloud” at RCIS’2021

Authors: Zakaria Maamar, Mohamed Sellami and Fatma Masmoudi


This paper looks into the availability of resources, exemplified with the cloud, in an open and dynamic environment like the Internet. A growing number of users consume resources to complete their operations requiring a better way to manage these resources in order to avoid conflicts, for example. Resource availability is defined using a set of consumption properties (limited, limited-but-renewable, and non-shareable) and is enforced at run-time using a set of transactional properties (pivot, retriable, and compensatable). In this paper, a CloudSim-based system simulates how mixing consumption and transactional properties allows to capture users’ needs and requirements in terms of what cloud resources they need, for how long, and to what extent they tolerate the unavailability of these resources.