Data IntElliGence and knOwledge


The Data IntElliGence and knOwledge (DIEGO) group is a structuring research project of the Computer Science department of Telecom SudParis. We contribute to the research activities of the ACMES team of the SAMOVAR laboratory.

The DIEGO group started in 2019. DIEGO mainly deals with research topics on data management, data life cycle, data semantics, knowledge extraction and reasoning modelling in order to manipulate this knowledge. Indeed, more and more applications (smart city, urban traffic, monitoring, social networks) require real-time processing of data flows to respond to often complex requests requiring the fusion of several heterogeneous and generally unreliable sources. A system capable of responding to these requests must be able to meet these requirements: handle a large volume of data, process data flows on the fly, erase heterogeneity and take into account the inherent uncertainty of the data. To meet these requirements, we consider four complementary aspects: (i) data flow processing, (ii) continuous reasoning on data flows to improve responses to requests and to make predictions, (iii) real-time data flow extraction and analysis, and (iv) fusion of heterogeneous data.