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New paper “Towards an Approach for Validating the Internet-of-Transactional-Things” at AINA’2020

Z. Maamar, M. Sellami, N.C. Narendra, I. Guidara, E. Ugljanin, and B. Banihashemi. Towards an Approach for Validating the Internet-of-Transactional-Things. In the 34-th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2020)


Abstract. This paper examines the impact of transactional properties, known as pivot, retriable, and compensatable, on Internet-of-Things (IoT). Despite the ever-growing number of things in today’s cyber-physical world, a limited number of studies examine this impact while considering things’ particularities in terms of reduced size, restricted connectivity, continuous mobility, limited energy, and constrained storage. To address this gap, this paper proceeds first, with exposing things’ duties, namely sensing, actuating, and communicating. Then, it examines the appropriateness of each transactional property for each duty. During the performance of transactional things, (semi)-atomicity criterion is adopted allowing to approve when these things’ duties could be either canceled or compensated. A system that runs a set of what-if experiments is presented in the paper allowing to demonstrate the technical doability of transactional things.