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New paper “Trustworthy Cross-Organizational Collaborations with Hybrid On/Off-Chain Declarative Choreographies” at ICSOC’2021

Authors: Tiphaine Henry, Amina Brahem, Nassim Laga, Julien Hatin, Walid Gaaloul and Boualem Benatallah


Business Process Management communities increasingly adopt the blockchain technology to support trustworthy decentralized execution of processes. In this context, the interest in business process choreographies rises as they offer a distributed way to compose and control cross-organizational processes. In choreographies, the process view is distributed between participants to limit privacy leakages. Hence, the process observability (i.e., who knows what) is challenging. On one side, partners have no insight into each other’s orchestration and communicate peer-to-peer via the public view. On the other side, they have to maintain their internal orchestrations’ states consistent with the choreography’s global state. The need to ensure a privacy-preserving method to enforce a blockchain-based execution thus rises. In the present work, we propose a unified solution for the hybrid on/off-chain generation and execution of business process choreographies. The public view, shared understanding of the cross-organizational process, is triggered by the on-chain smart contract. Participants generate their private views off-chain using this on-chain public view. They execute afterward the private views in their off-chain process execution engine. Our prototypical implementation demonstrates the feasibility of the approach .