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TRINITY: A Fast Compressed Multi-attribute Data Store

Reading group: Duc Hieu Le presented "TRINITY: A Fast Compressed Multi-attribute Data Store" (EuroSys'24) at 4A312 the 7/6/2024 at 10h00.


With the proliferation of attribute-rich machine-generated data, emerging real-time monitoring, diagnosis, and visualization tools ingest and analyze such data across multiple attributes simultaneously. Due to the sheer volume of the data, applications need storage-efficient and performant data representations to analyze them efficiently.

We present TRINITY, a system that simultaneously facilitates query and storage efficiency across large volumes of multi-attribute records. TRINITY accomplishes this through a new dynamic, succinct, multi-dimensional data structure, MDTRIE. MDTRIE employs a combination of novel Morton code generalization, a multi-attribute query algorithm, and a self-indexed trie structure to achieve the above goals. Our evaluation of TRINITY for real-world use-cases shows that compared to state-of-the-art systems, it supports (1) 7.2–59.6× faster multi-attribute searches, (2) storage footprint comparable to OLAP columnar stores and 4.8–15.1× lower than NoSQL stores and OLTP databases, and (3) point query throughput comparable to NoSQL stores and 1.7–52.5× higher than OLTP databases and OLAP columnar stores.