Département Informatique

Computer Science Department of Telecom SudParis


The INF/ACMES seminar takes place at Telecom SudParis (Palaiseau and Evry). The seminar is co-organized by the computer science department of Telecom SudParis and by the ACMES team of the Samovar lab.

When Type Speaker Title Venue
6/11/2020 at 11h00Invited talkMuktikanta SaThe design of efficient concurrent non-blocking graph algorithms in the dynamic setting
19/10/2020 at 15h15Invited talkAlain TchanaHyperTP: Mitigating vulnerability windows with hypervisor transplant
16/10/2020 at 11h00Team workTuanir França RezendeLeaderless State-Machine Replication: Specification, Properties, LimitsDISC'20
16/10/2020 at 10h00Reading groupAlexis LescouetImproving concurrency and asynchrony in multithreaded MPI applications using software offloadingSC'05
2/10/2020 at 10h00Invited talkPatrick CarribaultHigh Performance Computing at CEA
25/9/2020 at 10h00Invited talkJean-Thomas AcquavivaParallel and Distributed storage systems
23/6/2020 at 14h00Reading groupYohan PipereauOasis: Energy Proportionality with Hybrid Server ConsolidationEuroSys'16
5/5/2020 at 10h00Invited talkDenis JeanneauA failure detector for mutual exclusion in unknown dynamic systems
27/3/2020 at 11h00Invited talkThomas LambertMaking Parallel Applications Communication-Aware: From Models to Implementations
10/3/2020 at 13h00Invited talkMathieu BacouPerformance et gestion de ressources dans un cloud multi-virtualisé
27/2/2020 at 15h30Invited talkSaïd JabbourApport de l’IA symbolique aux traitements de données
21/2/2020 at 13h00Team workRafael Blanco GuerraA survey on dynamic DEBS
11/2/2020 at 13h00Reading groupSubashiny TanigassalameGlamdring: Automatic Application Partitioning for Intel SGXUSENIX ATC ’17
28/1/2020 at 13h00Reading groupYohan PipereauEfficient Memory Disaggregation with InfiniswapNSDI'17
14/1/2020 at 14h00Reading groupAnatole LefortEfficient lock-free durable setsOOPSLA'19
7/12/2019 at 13h00Team workAnton DaumenScalOMP: analyzing the Scalability of OpenMP applicationsIWOMP'19
3/12/2019 at 10h45Reading groupAlexis ColinRevisiting I/O Behavior in Large-Scale Storage Systems: The Expected and the UnexpectedSC'19
26/11/2019 at 14h00Reading groupDamien ThenotFile Systems Unfit as Distributed Storage Backends: Lessons from 10 Years of Ceph EvolutionSOSP'19

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