Département Informatique

Computer Science Department of Telecom SudParis


The INF/ACMES seminar takes place at Telecom SudParis (Palaiseau and Evry). The seminar is co-organized by the computer science department of Telecom SudParis and by the ACMES team of the Samovar lab.

You can download a calendar of the seminars here. You can find a page that also includes the older seminars here.

When Type Speakers Title
2/2/2024 at 10h50Reading groupNikolay BezkhodarnovNu: Achieving Microsecond-Scale Resource Fungibility with Logical Processes (NSDI'23)
2/2/2024 at 10h25Reading groupNevena VasilevskaWhy Nothing Matters: The Impact of Zeroing (OOPSLA’11)
2/2/2024 at 10h00Reading groupTeodor CvijovicDRAMHiT: A Hash Table Architected for the Speed of DRAM (Eurosys'23)
26/1/2024 at 10h50Reading groupMelek GhoumaSpanner: Google’s Globally-Distributed Database (TOCS'13)
26/1/2024 at 10h25Reading groupArtem GolovinPushing Performance Isolation Boundaries into Application with pBox (SOSP'23)
26/1/2024 at 10h00Reading groupMartin GuyardGlider: Serverless Ephemeral Stateful Near-Data Computation (Middleware ’23)
19/1/2024 at 11h15Reading groupBastien GastaldiIn-Network Leaderless Replication for Distributed Data Stores (VLDB'22)
19/1/2024 at 10h50Reading groupGuillermo Toyos MarfurtA Speedup Theorem for Asynchronous Computation with Applications to Consensus and Approximate Agreement (PODC'22)
19/1/2024 at 10h25Reading groupMinh Tung NguyenFast Byzantine consensus (IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing)
19/1/2024 at 10h00Reading groupMikhail AnoprenkoPermissionless and asynchronous asset transfer (Distributed Computing'23)
12/1/2024 at 10h25Reading groupBrian Jian Wei OoiFLIPS: Federated Learning using Intelligent Participant Selection (Middleware'23)
12/1/2024 at 10h00Reading groupMathis Gontier DelaunayTBD
15/12/2023 at 11h00Invited talkBrice GoglinStructural modeling (or not) of parallel computing platform topology
15/12/2023 at 10h25Reading groupHenrique MedeirosAutomated performance prediction of microservice applications using simulation (MASCOTS'21)
15/12/2023 at 10h00Reading groupLouis Farcot LafondCEP-15: Fast General Purpose Transactions
8/12/2023 at 10h50Reading groupLe Duc HieuTranslation Pass-Through for Near-Native Paging Performance in VMs (Usenix ATC'23)
8/12/2023 at 10h25Reading groupThomas JaouenAutomatic Calibration of Performance Models on Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures (HPPC'09)
8/12/2023 at 10h00Reading groupTeodor CvijovicSMART: A High-Performance Adaptive Radix Tree for Disaggregated Memory (OSDI'23)
1/12/2023 at 10h50Reading groupNikolay BezkhodarnovFlexOS: Towards Flexible OS Isolation (ASPLOS'22)
1/12/2023 at 10h25Reading groupNevena VasilevskaI-JVM: a Java Virtual Machine for Component Isolation in OSGi (DSN'09)
1/12/2023 at 10h00Reading groupArtem GolovinEnclosure: Language-Based Restriction of Untrusted Libraries (ASPLOS'21)
24/11/2023 at 11h00Invited talkJean-Thomas AcquavivaR&D at DDN
24/11/2023 at 10h25Reading groupMelek GhoumaBenchmarking Cloud Serving Systems with YCSB (SoCC'10)
24/11/2023 at 10h00Reading groupMathis Gontier DelaunaySoK: MEV Countermeasures: Theory and Practice
17/11/2023 at 11h00Team workCatherine GuelqueHierarchical Trace Format: A scalable trace format for Exascale computing
17/11/2023 at 10h25Reading groupMartin GuyardSONIC: Application-aware Data Passing for Chained Serverless Applications (Usenix ATC'21)
17/11/2023 at 10h00Reading groupLouis Farcot LafondEfficient Replication via Timestamp Stability (EuroSys'21)
10/11/2023 at 10h50Reading groupHenrique MedeirosUniversal context propagation for distributed system instrumentation (EuroSys'18)
10/11/2023 at 10h25Reading groupBrian Jian Wei OoiAergia: leveraging heterogeneity in federated learning systems (Middleware'23)
10/11/2023 at 10h00Reading groupBastien GastaldiSwiSh: Distributed shared state abstractions for programmable switches. (NSDI'22)
20/10/2023 at 11h00Invited talkPatrick Carribault (CEA)R&D Talk – CEA
20/10/2023 at 10h30Reading groupMikhail AnoprenkoCordial Miners: Fast and Efficient Consensus for Every Eventuality (DISC'23)
20/10/2023 at 10h00Reading groupMinh Tung NguyenAll You Need is DAG (PODC'21)
13/10/2023 at 11h00Invited talkRémi Bouzel (Qarnot Computing)R&D talk – Qarnot Computing
13/10/2023 at 10h30Reading groupGuillermo Toyos MarfurtThe topology of shared-memory adversaries (PODC '10)
6/10/2023 at 11h00Team workFrançois TrahayPythia : an oracle to guide runtime systems decisions (Cluster'22)
6/10/2023 at 10h30Reading groupLe Duc HieuA study of the scalability of stop-the-world garbage collectors on multicores (ASPLOS'13)
6/10/2023 at 10h00Reading groupThomas JaouenStarPU: a unified platform for task scheduling on heterogeneous multicore architectures (CCPE'09)
29/9/2023 at 11h00Team workGaël ThomasPrivagic: confidential computing made practical with secure typing
29/9/2023 at 10h30Team workJana ToljagaMostVM: Leveraging a user-land page table to efficiently use modern memory
29/9/2023 at 10h00Team workMarie ReinbiglerFrugal Deep Learning for Multi-Resolution Image Analysis
22/9/2023 at 10h00Invited talkAnne-Cécile OrgerieGreen IT
15/9/2023 at 11h00Team workPierre SutraThe Mempool Abstraction in CometBFT
15/9/2023 at 10h30Team workJean-François DumollardFork-nox: a new virtualization technique to enforce system security
15/9/2023 at 10h00Reading groupMickaël BoichotDrGPUM: Guiding Memory Optimization for GPU-Accelerated Applications (ASPLOS'23)
8/9/2023 at 11h00Team workAdam ChadertéléGC: Remote Garbage Collection using Memory Disaggregation
28/4/2023 at 14h00Invited talkNatacha CrooksBasil: Breaking up BFT with ACID (transactions)