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AUSOM: Autonomic Service-Oriented Middleware for IoT-Based Systems

Reading group: Huiyuan Li presented "AUSOM: Autonomic Service-Oriented Middleware for IoT-Based Systems" (IEEE World Congress Service) at 4A312 the 14/1/2022 at 10h30.


Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) has been recognized as a key technology for operating IoT-based systems, by abstracting sensing and actuation capabilities of IoT resources via services or microservices. However, such systems being dynamic in nature, must be proactive in responding to changing circumstances, hence they need to be autonomic in nature. Therefore this requires the design and deployment of an autonomic serviceoriented middleware that can mediate interactions, and control sensing & actuation, within the IoT-based system. To that end, in this paper, we present our vision of an autonomic service-oriented middleware AUSOM (pronounced "awesome") for IoT based systems. The key features of AUSOM are: incorporation of the well-known MAPE-K loop (Monitor, Analyze, Plan, Act, using stored Knowledge) from autonomic computing for proactive adaptation, incorporation of a multilayered context model, and using contextual information to facilitate adaptation at the IoT device (sensor and actuator) layer. We present the architecture of AUSOM and also illustrate how it would function via a simple yet realistic example.