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HotStuff: BFT Consensus with Linearity and Responsiveness

Reading group: Luciano Freitas De Souza presented "HotStuff: BFT Consensus with Linearity and Responsiveness" (PODC'19) in visio the 8/1/2021 at 10h45.

You can find the video of the presentation here.


We present HotStuff, a leader-based Byzantine fault-tolerant replication protocol for the partially synchronous model. Once network communication becomes synchronous, HotStuff enables a correct leader to drive the protocol to consensus at the pace of actual (vs. maximum) network delay--a property called responsiveness---and with communication complexity that is linear in the number of replicas. To our knowledge, HotStuff is the first partially synchronous BFT replication protocol exhibiting these combined properties. Its simplicity enables it to be further pipelined and simplified into a practical, concise protocol for building large-scale replication services.