Département Informatique

Computer Science Department of Telecom SudParis

Seminar - Leaderless State-Machine Replication: Specification, Properties, Limits

Tuanir França Rezende will present "Leaderless State-Machine Replication: Specification, Properties, Limits" (DISC'20) at TSP/Palaiseau - 1D19 the 16/10/2020 at 11h00.


Modern Internet services commonly replicate critical data across several geographical locations using state-machine replication (SMR). Due to their reliance on a leader replica, classical SMR protocols offer limited scalability and availability in this setting. To solve this problem, recent protocols follow instead a leaderless approach, in which each replica is able to make progress using a quorum of its peers. In this paper, we study this new emerging class of SMR protocols and states some of their limits.