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Computer Science Department of Telecom SudParis

The design of efficient concurrent non-blocking graph algorithms in the dynamic setting

Invited talk: Muktikanta Sa presented "The design of efficient concurrent non-blocking graph algorithms in the dynamic setting" in visio the 6/11/2020 at 10h45.

You can find the video of the presentation here.


Nowadays, multi-core systems have become ubiquitous. Therefore, to fully harness these systems' computational power, it has become necessary to design efficient concurrent data-structures that can be accessed by multiple threads concurrently. There have been several efforts to port sequential data-structures to a concurrent setting in the past two decades, like a stack, queue, set, tree, etc. Most of these data-structures uses locks to handle mutual exclusion while performing any concurrent modifications. However, in an asynchronous shared-memory system, where a crash failure of a thread is possible, a lock-based implementation is vulnerable to arbitrary delays or deadlock. So, there is a requirement for efficient lock-free data structures with enhancing performance.

In this talk, I will present an efficient and practical non-blocking graph data-structure and algorithms in the dynamic setting.


Muktikanta Sa obtained his Ph.D. in computer science and engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (India) in 2020. He is currently a PostDoc researcher in the computer science department of Télécom SudParis. He is interested in the fields of concurrent data structures, distributed systems, and non-volatile memory.