ACMES team

Samovar lab


ACMES (Algorithms, Components, ModEls and Services for distributed computing) is a research team of the Samovar laboratory that mainly gathers researchers from the computer science department of Telecom SudParis. ACMES conducts various research in computer science on the following subjects: software infrastructures (acquisition, storage, middleware, performance), business process modeling, data management (data mining, learning techniques).

The team is mainly interested in three challenges: (1) the scalability, (2) the complexity of the hardware architectures and of the software stacks, and (3) the dynamic nature of the massive and heterogeneous infrastructures and of the data managed by these infrastructures.

The ACMES team is interested by three main topics:

Parallel and distributed systems: simulation and prediction require important computing power and it is important to improve the performance of the software infrastructures to avoid wasting hardware resources and energy.

Software and middleware engineering: the complexity, heterogeneity and inherent dynamicity of the hardware and software infrastructures make code difficult to write and to maintain. Therefore, it becomes necessary to propose new middleware and models to simplify application design.

Data and knowledge: Automating or making efficient predictions requires collecting and processing large volumes of heterogeneous data, and it is therefore necessary to propose and study new algorithms to collect and process these data efficiently.

The team addresses these three topics at all the levels of the software stack: at the system level, at the middleware level and at the application level.