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Parallel and Distributed storage systems

Invited talk: Jean-Thomas Acquaviva presented "Parallel and Distributed storage systems" at TSP/Palaiseau - Amphi 2 the 25/9/2020 at 11h00.

You can find the video of the presentation here and the slides here.


This presentation is focused on data management and storage at scale. Where scalability is addressed from both an HPC and Cloud standpoint. We will discuss the key characteristics of the various storage medium: from tape, hard drive to flash and storage class memory. The second part of this talk will discuss some possible organizations for a large number of these storage devices to meet the performance requirements of large scale systems. We will address parallel file systems and the issue of Posix compliance. The last part of the presentation is devoted to data protection and fault tolerance schemes, from CRC to RAID architectures. The conclusion will give a glimpse of future architectures and the on-going convergence trend between HPC and cloud.


Jean-Thomas Acquaviva dirige l’équipe de DDN Coopération et Recherche basée à Paris. Il a travaillé successivement pour Intel, l’Université de Versailles et le CEA. Il a participé à la création de leur laboratoire commun le Exascale Research Center, en charge de l’équipe Évaluation de Performance. Aujourd’hui il s’occupe activement de développer le Centre de Technologies Avancées de DDN basé en France. Jean-Tomas est titulaire d’un Doctorat délivré par l’Université de Versailles et réalisé au CEA/DAM.