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Lock Cohorting: A General Technique for Designing NUMA Locks

Reading group: Victor Laforet presented "Lock Cohorting: A General Technique for Designing NUMA Locks" (PPoPP'12) at 4A312 the 10/2/2023 at 10h00.


Multicore machines are quickly shifting to NUMA and CC-NUMA architectures, making scalable NUMA-aware locking algorithms, ones that take into account the machines’ non-uniform memory and caching hierarchy, ever more important. This paper presents lock cohorting, a general new technique for designing NUMA-aware locks that is as simple as it is powerful.
Lock cohorting allows one to transform any spin-lock algorithm, with minimal non-intrusive changes, into scalable NUMAaware spin-locks. Our new cohorting technique allows us to easily create NUMA-aware versions of the TATAS-Backoff, CLH, MCS, and ticket locks, to name a few. Moreover, it allows us to derive a CLH-based cohort abortable lock, the first NUMA-aware queue lock to support abortability.
We empirically compared the performance of cohort locks with prior NUMA-aware and classic NUMA-oblivious locks on a synthetic micro-benchmark, a real world key-value store application memcached, as well as the libc memory allocator. Our results demonstrate that cohort locks perform as well or better than known locks when the load is low and significantly out-perform them as the load increases.