Distributed Systems, Software Engineering and Middleware - DiSSEM group

Computer Science Department of Telecom SudParis



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Olivier BERGER olivier.berger_AT_telecom-sudparis.eu
Georgios BOULOUKAKIS georgios.bouloukakis_AT_telecom-sudparis.eu
Sophie CHABRIDON (contact person) sophie.chabridon_AT_telecom-sudparis.eu
Denis CONAN denis.conan_AT_telecom-sudparis.eu
Walid GAALOUL walid.gaaloul_AT_telecom-sudparis.eu
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Chantal TACONET chantal.taconet_AT_telecom-sudparis.eu



Name Thesis title Period Director/Co-Supervisors
Nikolaos Papadakis Towards Efficient, Context-aware and Privacy Preserving Data Exchange across IoT-Enhanced Communities 10/2023- Denis Conan/
Georgios Bouloukakis
Jun MA Automated planning of edge infrastructures for IoT-enhanced spaces 10/2022- Denis Conan/
Georgios Bouloukakis
Houssam HAJJ HASSAN Designing Middleware-based Internet of Things systems for Smart Communities 11/2021- Denis Conan/
Georgios Bouloukakis/
Djamel Belaïd
Jérémy MECHOUCHE Manage and ensure the quality of service in a multicloud environment 09/2020- Walid Gaaloul/
Mohamed Sellami



Name Thesis title Period Director/Co-Supervisors
Nathanaël DENIS For a Private and Secure Internet of Things 11/2020-10/2023 Maryline Laurent/
Sophie Chabridon
Pedro Victor BORGES CALDAS DA SILVA Middleware support for energy-awareness in Internet of Things platforms and applications 09/2019-12/2022 Chantal Taconet
Yuwei WANG Towards self-healing microservices architectures (SEIDO Lab) 03/2019-10/2022 Sophie Chabridon/
Denis Conan
Mohamed AHMED Distributed processing of heterogeneous and uncertain data for supply chain management in the IoT Defended October 27, 2021 Chantal Taconet/
Sophie Chabridon/
Amel Bouzeghoub
Nabila BELHAJ Generic autonomic service management for component-based applications Defended September 25, 2018 Samir Tata/
Djamel Belaïd
Hayet BRABRA Support management and orchestration of cloud resources in a multi-cloud environment Defended Feb 13, 2020 Walid Gaaloul
David OUDART Model-driven engineering for FMI cosimulation of Smart Grids (RISEGrid Institute)
Defended May 7, 2020 Sophie Chabridon