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New paper “Integrating Usage Control Into Distributed Ledger Technology for Internet of Things Privacy”

Integrating Usage Control Into Distributed Ledger Technology for Internet of Things Privacy
by Nathanaël Denis, Maryline Laurent and Sophie Chabridon

IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Volume: 10, Issue: 22, jun. 2023

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The Internet of Things (IoT) brings new ways to collect privacy-sensitive data from billions of devices. Well-tailored distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) can provide high transaction processing capacities to IoT devices in a decentralized fashion. However, privacy aspects are often neglected or unsatisfying, with a focus mainly on performance and security. In this article, we introduce decentralized usage control mechanisms to empower IoT devices to control the data they generate. Usage control defines obligations, i.e., actions to be fulfilled to be granted access, and conditions on the system in addition to data dissemination control. The originality of this article is to consider the usage control system as a component of distributed ledger networks, instead of an external tool. With this integration, both technologies work in synergy, benefiting their privacy, security, and performance. We evaluated the performance improvements of integration using the IOTA technology, particularly suitable due to the participation of small devices in the consensus. The results of the tests on a private network show an approximate 90% decrease of the time needed for the usage control system to push a transaction and make its access decision in the integrated setting, regardless of the number of nodes in the network.