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New paper “Conformance checking for autonomous multi-cloud SLA management and adaptation” at Journal of Supercomputing

Authors: Jeremy Mechouche, Roua Touihri, Mohamed Sellami and Walid Gaaloul

Link: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11227-022-04363-0


Satisfying cloud customers’ requirements, i.e., respecting an agreed-on service level agreement (SLA), is not a trivial task in a multi-cloud context. This is mainly due to divergent SLA objectives among the involved cloud service providers and hence divergent reconfiguration strategies to enforce them. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical representation of multi-cloud SLAs: sub-SLAs associated with a system’s components deployed on distinct cloud service providers and global-SLA associated with the whole system. We also enrich these SLA representations with state machines reflecting reconfiguration strategies defined by cloud customers. Then, we propose an autonomous multi-cloud resource orchestrator based on the MAPE-K adaptation control loop to enforce them and to avoid SLA violations. Finally, in order to check the conformity of this enforcement with defined multi-cloud SLA, we propose an approach for multi-cloud SLA reporting inspired by conformance checking techniques. An implementation of the approach is presented in the paper and illustrates the approach feasibility.