Parallel and Distributed Systems Group

Computer Science Department of Telecom SudParis

EZTrace 2.0


Parallel applications can be analyze using tracing tools such as EZTrace. These tools collect events (eg. calls to MPI functions, or OpenMP constructs, etc.) during the application execution, and the resulting execution traces can be analyzed to reveal performance bugs.
As part of a collaborative research project, we develop a new version of EZTrace. This new version is a significant rewrite of most parts of EZTrace, and several modules need to be tested/completed.

Goal of this internship

This internship aims at preparing the release of EZTrace 2.0. Several modules need to be tested and fixed, or rewritten:
Keywords: HPC, performance analysis, system programming

Work conditions


François Trahay <>
Associate professor
Parallel & Distributed Systems group
Télécom SudParis
Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Samovar lab