Parallel and Distributed Systems Group

Computer Science Department of Telecom SudParis

Visualization tool for factorized traces


Parallel applications can be analyzed using tracing tools such as EZTrace. These tools collect events (eg. calls to MPI functions, or OpenMP constructs, etc.) during the application execution, and the resulting execution traces can be analyzed to understand program structure.
As part of a collaborative research project, we develop EasyTraceAnalyzer, a generic trace analysis tool that processes various kinds of traces, and implement an algorithm of recurrent pattern detection and factorization.

Goal of this internship

This internship aims at designing and implementing dynamic visualization of factorized traces. This prototypes could load a trace and display it under factorized form using different representations, allowing the user to zoom in patterns, expending it, and exploring their different occurences.
The internship will consist in exploration of new efficient and user-friendly trace representation for trace structure analysis throug one or more prototypes built on top of EasyTraceAnalyzer core library.


Keywords: HPC, trace analysis, data visualization

Work conditions


Alexis Colin
PhD student

François Trahay
Associate professor