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New paper “Process mining approach for multi-cloud SLA reporting” at IEEE Big Data 2023

Authors: Jeremy Mechouche, Mohamed Sellami, Zakaria Maamar, Roua Touihri, and Walid Gaaloul


Cloud consumers’ requirements possess an inherent dynamic nature, characterized by fluctuating needs in reliability and high-availability relative to their workload. To satisfy these requirements, service reconfiguration strategies are put in place ensuring first, adaptable service provisioning and second, compliance with the agreed-upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between consumers and providers. However, deviations between SLAs and “real” observed behaviours could occur even after triggering reconfiguration strategies. Additionally, as organizations increasingly embrace multi-cloud environments, careful consideration must be given to the inherent challenges that arise in this requirements satisfaction. In this paper, we represent these strategies as state machines used to report their conformance to collected logs which track what really happened at run-time. The collected logs are processed to construct state machines suitable for conformance checking. Experiments demonstrating the technical doability of using conformance checking to detect deviations between SLAs and logs, along with verifying the suitability of reconfiguration strategies, are also discussed in the paper.