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Replaying execution trace with a performance model

The Parallel & Distributed systems group is looking for an internship.


Parallel applications can be analyzed using tracing tools such as EZTrace. These tools collect events (eg. calls to MPI functions, or OpenMP constructs, etc.) during the application execution, and the resulting execution traces can be analyzed to reveal performance bugs.

As part of a collaborative research project, we develop EasyTraceAnalyzer, a generic trace analysis tool that processes various kinds of traces, and implement several performance analysis techniques (for instance, bottleneck detection).

Goal of this internship

This internship aims at designing a new performance analysis method that would predict the behavior of a parallel application if the performance of one of the platform components (eg. network, parallel filesystem, etc.) were different.

The main tasks of the internship are the following:

Keywords: HPC, MPI, performance analysis, performance modeling, performance prediction

Work conditions


François Trahay <>, Associate professor
Parallel & Distributed Systems group
Télécom SudParis, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Samovar lab